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With a career spanning over 25 years, Robert Lague remains invigorated by the exciting challenges and opportunities to create automation for manufacturing products new to the marketplace. As each day presents different customer needs and processes to be automated, so too are the solutions Systematix provides constantly evolving. One factor in being successful in this space is a commitment to staying current with new technology and exploring how it can help solve our customers’ manufacturing challenges. 

As a leader, Robert empowers his teams to get things done in a way that leverages their expertise. A firm believer in working through systems to a plan, he encourages teams to keep score so they can track the completion of goals internally and for our customers. The thing that gives Robert the biggest sense of accomplishment is seeing the people he works with succeeding at their objectives.

Robert believes Systematix builds equipment at a quality level above most of the automation market. With a hardworking and highly skilled workforce dedicated to exceeding customers’ expectations, we are prepared to take on the most difficult automation challenges and conquer them. 

According to Robert: 

“One of the key differentiators between Systematix and most of our competitors is the relationship we have with our customers. Our approach is to not just win a bid to build a company some automation but to participate in a partnership deriving mutual benefit for both companies as we create the best technical solutions. We are constantly looking for ways to grow with our partners and our engagement throughout the life of the projects we execute demonstrates this philosophy.”

All of this combines to create a down to earth company that has a lot of potential and a bright future.

When not immersed in the demands of a busy automation company, Robert and his wife love to travel and spend time outdoors. Robert is also an amateur photographer and they frequently find themselves in remote areas with cameras in tow.

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