Advanced Vision Inspection Systems

  • Advanced vision inspection systems use Deep Learning for human-like inspection
  • Opens possibility to use automated vision inspection for particle detection in liquid
  • Benefits manufacturers of clear bags, vials, syringes, and diagnostic devices with liquid contents


Medical Device Syringe Assembly Health Science sm

How do Deep Learning principles work?

  • Deep Learning made possible by advanced algorithms developed from Artificial Intelligence research
  • Previously hardware was used to create high contrast images of potential defects to compare new parts against
  • New algorithms combined with powerful GPUs enable computer generated models that depict shape and surface characteristics
  • Vision systems with deep learning capabilities compare good images with what is different

Particle in vial

5 micron particle in a glass vial detected by automated vision

How can you benefit?

  • Dedicated vision inspection systems within critical manufacturing processes support regulatory compliance
  • More accurate inspection reduces potential of product recalls or adverse patient events

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Advanced Vision Inspection 

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