Artificial Intelligence

Is AI in your operation's future?

Systematix has partnered with to offer the first generation of AI enabled Industry 4.0 solutions to our global customers.

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With the power of AI in your automation system, you can boost your bottom line through:

Enhanced productivity

Achieve targets by identifying issues in real time

Responsive service

Maximize uptime with predictive maintenance intelligence

Optimized quality

Accurate, repeatable AI enabled inspection at a lower cost

Inventory control

Connect the shop floor and supply chain to maintain production inventory

Why AI Now?

Modern manufacturers have an advantage in the practical application of AI due to the proliferation of data generated by automated assembly and inspection systems. Add to that breakthroughs in data intelligence to interconnect operation technology (OT), and the processing power of the cloud – the time has never been better to introduce AI to your operation.

The Solution

Using the power of Machine Learning (ML), the Quartic Platform® is a complete system for developing AI enabled Industry 4.0 solutions. Whether you want to modernize your existing OT, or build a new Smart OT system, it delivers a robust, scalable and flexible system for data acquisition, analysis and reporting.

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The platform is built on two main components – a data collection engine and an intelligence engine for analysis and report creation.

One of the strengths of the platform is that the confluence of data from your OT systems is formed into a data lake. Compared to a typical data warehouse that demands structured data and restricts output, a data lake allows data of any kind – raw, structured or transformed – to collect freely and be queried in whatever way serves the experts throughout your organization.

Now is the time for AI!

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