SYSTEMATIX Oil Pump Assembly


An organization which supplies oil pumps was looking to install  a custom assembly system that could be scaled up to future production volumes. 

The system was required to be built and tested for the various components listed below:

  • Aluminum housing
  • Dowels, pins, bushings, slide, rotor, rings, springs, cut plugs
  • Seals and vanes
  • Screw driving and lubrication dispensing
  • Laser marking
  • Data collection
  • Throughput is one every 40 seconds

Solution Delivered

Oil Pump Assembly System  
Oil Pump Assembly System


  • Press force monitoring  for each assembly using load cell and LVDT
  • Robotic vane installation with guided vision
  • Lubrication station dispensing 1cc per cycle
  • Lot traceability to sub components
  • 2D data matrix laser mark on parts

Technologies Used

  • FANUC Robots
  • Laser marker for 2D matrix code
  • MAVIX vision system

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