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SYSTEMATIX is unique among our competitors in having started out as an automation system provider to window and door manufacturers. The earliest machines of this type were built in the 1990s and some are still in operation today.

As the North American economy changed, our customer base expanded to the Automotive and Health Science industries while our engineering expertise grew.  Over the years we earned a reputation among our customers as a trusted partner
who listens to your needs, and designs innovative solutions that are right for your business.


Challenges facing today’s window and door manufacturing industry:

  • Global competition from regions with low labor costs
  • A soft construction industry in many developed countries
  • A difficult business climate in developing countries
  • Reduced expenditure on research and development to keep costs competitive

The Automation Solution

Not all manufacturing challenges can be solved with automation, but as global economies change, and robotics become more flexible and economical, operations that were previously considered unsuitable for automation deserve a second look.

The demand for value-added customization is an area where automation can be an advantage; base products can be mass produced in low cost regions with automated processes being applied locally to fulfill value-added custom orders.

In addition, if your product is government regulated, automated inspection, product tracking, and process intelligence can help you fulfill reporting requirements.

Technology Experience

Through experience gained in diverse industries, SYSTEMATIX can apply the following technologies to your next automation project: 

  • Material forming – cutting, drilling, routing
  • Fastening
  • Liquid dispense – adhesive, lubrication, sealants, surface coatings
  • Robotic part assembly
  • Part track and trace
  • Mavix Vision Inspection software
  • SPMX Process Intelligence software
  • Material handling – incoming material, packaging and palletizing

Let SYSTEMATIX review your current needs and help you understand how automation can give you a competitive edge.

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