Leak Test Technology

The SYSTEMATIX propriety approach to part clamping, part sealing and data handling will provide you with the most accurate and stable leak test results possible - with gage R&R results that can exceed 10% depending on pressure and leak rate.

Whether your application is stand-alone or integrated into an automated assembly and test system, we design for a variety of ambient temperature, fluid turbulence and material conditions. We interface with most major providers of high sensitivity pressure, vacuum and trace gas instruments.

Leak Test Station   Robotic Load Leak Test Station
Leak Test Station   Robotic Load


Our capabilities include:

  • In line or stand alone designs
  • Leak integrity
  • Functional flow testing
  • Obstruction flow (occlusion) testing
  • Pressure or vacuum decay
  • Pressure stress, pulse and graded failure
  • Trace gas leak testing (e.g., H2, He, Freon etc.)
  • Dispersed gas particulate (DOP) test
  • Pneumatic or hydrostatic test media 

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