SYSTEMATIX Power Train Assembly & Test System


With emphasis on the integrity of their quality management system, the customer required 100% test, inspection and data collection on key manufacturing processes, as well as the ability to derive intelligent analytics. All this had to be flexible enough to accommodate multiple part types and achieved without compromising a tight cycle time.

Among many challenges presented by this system was thread detection on a part made of roll-tapped die-cast aluminum; the typical eddy current test method did not work due to material porosity.

In addition, as an early adopter of AxiRad retainer technology, the customer was looking to SYSTEMATIX engineering expertise to deliver a process that did not damage the plastic retainer.

Solution Delivered

Transmission Assembly and Test System Powertrain Assembly
Powertrain component assembly with integrated quality management system

The system, based on a Bosch pallet conveyor, includes RFID technology to record a profile of inspection, test and monitoring results of each manufactured part.

To overcome the challenge presented by the thread detection operation, SYSTEMATIX engineers developed an air back-pressure device.

Using a collaborative approach, the AxiRad installation process was achieved to the satisfaction of all stakeholders and has become a standard for subsequent systems.

The final product integrated 100% test, inspection and monitoring operations into an automated system while maintaining a very tight cycle time. Data was collected on:

  • Force/distance monitoring on pressing operations
  • Torque/angle monitoring on driving and tightening operations
  • Pressure and rate monitoring of leak test
  • Inline functional test of cam sensor
  • Optical character recognition of laser engraving
  • Vision inspection image collection of finished product at unload station

Technologies Used

  • Bosch pallet conveyor with RFID technology
  • Orbitform Orbital Riveting system
  • Carlson Six Spindle Multidrive Screwdriving and XMOD Series Screwfeeder System
  • Cosmo Leak Test system
  • MAVIX vision system

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