2018 Service Awards

A foundation of dedicated service

In our restless, throw-away society where striving for bigger, better, and more of everything is the norm, what is it about a company where so many people have dedicated years of long-term service? The answer was in the game we played at our annual Christmas party where employees were surveyed about what makes SYSTEMATIX a great place to work. Words like community, family, friendly, integrity and generosity were high on the list.

And the answer to why customers keep coming back? The most frequent answer was quality. While not a scientific survey, the two things might be related.

25 year service award

One new member in the 25-year club and two in the 20-year club (not shown). 

15 year service awards18 

15 years

10 year service awards18

10 years

5 year service awards 118

Four of five received their five-year service awards at the Christmas party.

Looking back, 2017 had the most service award recipients ever and we can add another year for each of them except for one who retired!

2017 Service Awards



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