A career celebration

Celebrating 25 years of hard work and dedication 

GF7 0179

A quarter-century of hard work and dedication to a brand is worth celebrating as we say goodbye to an old friend and coworker moving on to a new interest. He humbly did not want to make a fuss as he moves to the next chapter of his life.

GF7 0173

Even when not retiring, we feel it necessary to honour an employee's life devotion to work at Systematix. It is a time to acknowledge their hard work and tribulations that lead them here, an occasion that we need to observe with love and appreciation. 

GF7 0153

It is not just about a thank you card and a cake; it is about unity and the observance of such a respectable achievement. Great stories were shared while paying homage to their contributions to Systematix.

GF7 0170

Even during times like these, it also shows we can come together as a workplace community exercising all we have learned over the last year with social distancing and best work practices while moving forward most positively. A big heartfelt thanks to all of our dedicated employees, new and seasoned; we couldn't be the solid, innovative team we are without all of you.

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