Curling Lessons And Game

Rock'in Some Sheet Time!

Yesterday the Social Committee booked a curling lesson for those that participated followed by a fun game with lots of laughter. 

Curling stones

We had all levels of curlers represented today from eager first-timers to seasoned sweepers but all were on point having a blast.

curler falling on the ice laughing

Learning, laughter, some mild competitive play, great energy, and teamwork on the ice. Great exercise and fun with coworkers. 

 sweepers standing on the curling sheet

In the wee hours of the morning, Dan was in Texas on a job and in his notable dedication to getting out with the team, he came right from the airport. AWESOME!

 curlers standing at the end of the sheet

After curling, we went out for appetizers (again thanks to the social committee) before calling it an end to a great day of work and play.

 curler launching his stone down the sheet

HURRY HARD! I can't wait to hear Dave chant this back on the assembly floor.

curler walking down the sheet

Cue the soundtrack as Don walks us off the sheet into the blogset! 

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