Filter Assembly Experience And Innovation

Years of knowledge and expertise 

We find ourselves in a time where filter demands are paramount and ever-growing. From environmental use such as fire management, and multivariant industrial usage, to the increasing market for front line Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as respirators, smart automated manufacturing has never been so important.

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Systematix has an in-depth knowledge of all filter industry aspects and has produced single station machines up to full production line assemblies. We can guarantee high volume, quality with reproducibility, meeting very tight tolerances utilizing leading-edge vision inspection at all stages. Systematix continuously strives to innovate client product development with our team consultancy approach and project management. We are here to advise on design for manufacture, process control and help develop your product for its most efficient path to market. From single-use filters to more complex cartridge respirators, we have designed and integrated the machinery to produce them robustly and efficiently.

Disposable mask production

Let us help you avoid the bottlenecks in PPE supply chain through smart high-speed assembly line manufacturing, meeting increasing global demands.

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What you can expect:

Innovation Carbon Filling
Speed Ultrasonic Welding
Precision Pressure Testing
Reliability Leak Testing
Quality Flow Testing
Efficiency Testing Adhesive Dispensing
Batching & Printing Laser Etching
Pleating And More ...


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Whatever your needs we are here working safely for you. Contact the sales team now to find out more about our new responsive offerings to your complex and timely needs. Bookmark us and check back for updates in the weeks ahead.


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