First Robotics Competition Update

After a winning season it's on to the First Championship!

team shot waterloo champs

The Waterloo event champions

FRC Team 4917 "Sir Lancerbots" had a stellar season picking up three blue champion banners in the Ontario events.

Check out the FRC 4917 website for the season highlights.

Next, they're heading to Detroit for the First Championship where they'll be competing with teams across North America. Competition updates and details on how to attend in person can be found on the First Championship website

To learn more about the hard work and ingenuity that went into the team's winning season, see our blog series that followed the six-week design and build phase:

Week 1 - The game is revealed

Week 2 - Brainstorming

Week 3 - Prototyping

Week 4 - Taking shape

Week 5 - Testing

Week 6 - Stop Build Day

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