Holiday Party 2019

Holiday Dinner Party & Service Awards 2019

We recently enjoyed our annual Holiday Dinner Party and Service Awards. It was a festive and fun time to join together celebrating another great year almost past by.

Holiday Party 2019 1

The Baumans led the celebration off with kind words of years past, support and appreciation for the present as well as the years to come. 

Christmas 2019

As is the yearly tradition Service Awards were presented to those reaching the set out milestones of 5, 15, and 20 years of service.

5 yrs Service

For 5 years of service we honoured Andreas Dimond, Dave Campagnola, Joe Koechl, (Isaak Enns, and Derek Purdy - not in picture).

15 yrs service

For 15 years of service we honoured Mark Harrison.

20 yrs service

For 20 years of service we honoured Milan Miovcic (not in picture), and Rob Knarr.

This proudly brings the Systematix awards for service count up to:













Congratulations to all of our service awards recipients and to all those who are working their way towards them, keep up the great work, it is much appreciated. Systematix is truly defined by the pride of its employees and the quality of their work.

Seasons Greetings

Lastly, along with the great company, food, drinks, and photo booth (Thanks to Doug), we also had a fun filled Antler competition. Each table was given a bag with various sized balloons, a set of nylon stockings and a Rudolph red nose. One lucky person from each table was selected and the group built a set of antlers to compete against the other tables for fun and prizes. There was a great energy and level of creativity exhibited by all. Prizes were given for fastest contraction, most number of balloons used, and best overall creation.

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