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Vuzix Glasses

Vuzix VR Glasses

Last week was another successful remote factory acceptance test (FAT) with one of our clients. Why not reduce costs and simplify the process while adding a layer of safety for everyone using a remote solution that is not only smart but sustainable. Spare the red tape of flights, borders, and extra expenses, especially during trying times.

Remote Capture Screens

In this example, four easily moveable networked cameras and Vusix VR capture glasses are utilized, all stations visualized with ease by our client. There are no shortcuts involved, as per standard procedures, our customer ensures that each station meets its specifications through the remote FAT process before being shipped from Systematix.

Camera adjustment

The client, comfortably located in their facility in the United States' Midwest, had no less assembly interaction. Through the collaboration of Systematix employees and our client, the FAT process ran throughout a half-day with various scheduled sessions ending in a final review.

Remote camera

In an Industry 4.0 world of manufacturing, it is all about working smarter, not harder. Remote FAT's are just one example of how the factory of the future can employ efficiencies even before the implementation of the production process

Remote camera angle

Whatever your needs we are here working safely for you. Contact the sales team now to find out more about our new responsive offerings to your complex and timely needs. Bookmark us and check back for updates in the weeks ahead.


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