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Pizza lunch from Davenport

At Systematix, we have always done our best to support the local businesses around us, and it matters now more than ever. As an innovative, globally aware company continually working to stay on the cutting edge of industry demand, we are grounded in our appreciation for the community where we operate. It is our small way of saying thanks and giving back whenever possible.Michael with pizza lunch slices 

Wednesdays are a celebration in the Systematix workweek to enjoy a treat sparing the packed lunch for those that participate. Every bit counts when it comes to exploring how to offer employees the best work-life balance possible, especially while we have had to curtail other working social activities. A big thanks this week to @davenportpizza for catering to our needs. We used to get full pizzas but now have the slices delivered individually packaged, decreasing handling while increasing social distance.

Grainharvest pretzels 1

Once a month, Systematix celebrates employees' birthdays with a treat from local bakeries and suppliers. This month we enjoyed some delicious fresh-baked pretzels from the Grainharvest Breadhouse. Every month, there is a wonderful surprise, from artisan pies to cookies, danishes, and a seemingly endless offering of incredible treats from various local companies. Get out whenever you have a chance to visit or order in from the many great food vendors the waterloo region has to offer.

Grainharvest pretzels 2

Next Wednesday, we are looking forward to Pork Schnitzel on a bun, one of the delicious offerings from Davenport Catering. Don't miss out; see all the great things they have to offer and give them a try.

Let us know who your local favourites are. 

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