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"One of the results of our employee's dedication is the robustness and longevity of our machines, we have had machines in the industry for 25 plus years still performing well, contributing to our customer's success."

CEO Cecil Bauman

Dedication to robust assembly

During a recent visit to a long-time customer, we had the opportunity to see an assembly that was delivered almost 21 years ago. The machine has been in service 24/7 since without fail. The semi-analog technology may be getting dated, but the original design and execution are still working strong for the success of our customer. 

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With the advent of such things as digital technologies, advanced vision systems, and interactive HMI touchscreens, our vision to develop innovative solutions to optimize production, enabling flexibility, consistency and value for our customers remains unchanged. 

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Our goal, as always, is to create the most innovative, reliable machines you can depend on long term with the robustness of Systematix design, build and integrity behind every step of the process. 

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