The Cutout Crew

Having fun, taking part, and giving back, touches everyone

Some have said 2020 has brought out the best and the worst in people, but those best moments are the real motivators. What follows is just one example of the best and how it touched us here at Systematix. You do not have to be a sports fan to appreciate how Major League Baseball (MLB) found their solution to the separation of fans and players.


Instagram image thanks to @_michaelsilvestri

The Blue Jays faced even greater odds having to play across the border in Buffalo at Sahlen Field. Whether you heard about it yet or not, you will have to admit the Fan Cutout Crew solution was a fun, entertaining, and superb interactive way to bring fans and teams closer while adding energy back to difficult times.

GeddyLee CutOut

Rush's Getty Lee alongside NYS Governor Cuomo behind home plate


Enter Systematix's in-house Blue Jays superfan, Erin Montag, who brought this story to our attention when joining this season. Erin, along with so many other everyday fans, celebrities, children and pets numbering into the thousands in every venue, filled stadiums across the United States with their cutouts taking part in games from afar.

cutout crowd

Sahlen Fields crowds literally went to the dogs

Along with hopes of being seen on camera or cutouts even catching fowl or home run balls, participants were allowed to repurchase their cutout selves at the end of the season, with Jay's fans' proceeds going to Canadians impacted by COVID-19. 

Erins cutout at reception

After its full season away and the trip back home, Erin brought her cutout alter ego to Systematix to share. Not only did it help spread the story and cheer for those that didn't know about the Fan Cutout Crew, but how can you not smile meeting the cutout that spent a season warming a seat enjoying a virtual year of baseball abroad.

Erin Blue Js Composite

Of course, in the Cutout Crew's continued spirit, we had to have a little fun too. Thanks to Erin for sharing with us and giving us a chance to live vicariously through the eyes of her cutout self.


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